TRACKONE can provide special solutions, designed exclusively to satisfy the specific requirements of the customers.

  • Undercarriage with Electric Final Drive

    trackone prodotti sottocarri elettrici

    Electrical frames, especially used in conveyors operating in mines. They are not equipped with a hydraulic circuit and instead of a hydrostatic transmission an alternator-inverter-electric motor unit is used. They are developed for both medium/small applications ( 5 to 14 tons) and for large/very large applications (up to 250 tons).

  • Amphibious Undercarriage

    trackone prodotti sottocarri floating

    Floating frames able to float on water and used for all those operations to be carried out in lake environments (drainage, canalization, etc.) where the machine must not be fully immersed.

  • Special Undercarriages

    trackone prodotti sottocarri speciali

    Fully designed and developed to the specific requirements of the customers.