The frames with central body are made using ITR components. The chassis is studied and designed for high torsional rigidity, good vibration damping as well as high mechanical resistance.

These undercarriages are supplied complete with base bearing (slewing ring), rotating distributor joint and hydraulic pipes ready for assembly on the customer's machine. Accessories can also be supplied on request, such as hydraulically-controlled blade, hydraulic and mechanical stabilisers or other components.

These undercarriages are typically used for excavators, drilling machines, forestry machines and cranes.
Some examples are listed here below.

  • Undercarriage with central body incl. slewing bearing and rotary joint

    trackone prodotti sottocarro con cuscinetto di rotazione e distribuzione rotante

    Crawled frames B60 class, with slewing bearings and rotating distributor joint. Suitable for machines having a total weight up to 40 tons.
    Max speed 3,3 km/h, max output torque 50k Nm.

  • Undercarriage with rotary joint and hydraulic grader blade

    trackone prodotti sottocarro con distributore rotante e pala a comando idraulico

    Crawled frames B1 class, with rotating distributor joint and hydraulic shovel. Suitable for machines having a total weight up to 13 tons.
    Max speed 2,4 km/h, max output torque 10k Nm.