TRACKONE is an Italian company specialised in designing, engineering and manufacturing side frames and complete undercarriage solutions conceived to satisfy the specific requirements of the customer.

TRACKONE is a dynamic and flexible company that prides itself on its ability to meet market challenges by providing a high-tech product in terms of design, innovation and quality. TRACKONE project is based on three key concepts:

Design and manufacture are aimed at customer satisfaction. The products are developed and optimised by continuously working in close collaboration with the Engineering Department of the customer and with partners such as universities and research institutes.

The development of the undercarriages is monitored from the earliest stages of design to final assembly with the aim of providing a product that meets the highest quality standards and the customer's expectations.

TRACKONE's primary mission is to satisfy every possible requirement of the customer; to this end, TRACKONE constantly verifies and optimises its production processes and conducts research and development of new products. The priority is to meet the delivery times as scheduled and defined in detail in line with the customer's expectations.